How should a market maker (ILP connector) work?

The MM (ILPconnector) will hold XRP.

The MM will buy any fiat currency with XRP if they need to pay in that currency, and it will sell any fiat currency for XRP if that currency is not immediately needed.

One argument against this is MM can hold USD.

I disagree. Because:
USD is inflationary, XRP is deflationaryXRP has some features which make it a better bridging currency on ILP:Autobridging reduces cost, see this graph

Ripple FAQ

All the myths are debunked. All the concerns are addressed.

Ripple has significant amount of support from central banks

They have dealt and engaged with 38 regulators/central banks worldwide.

The real reason Bitcoin hates Ripple

#XRP - taking the fast lane?

Someone just published a paper which includes among other things a valuation model, which by very conservative assumptions would valuate XRP at $2.25 in 2-3 years.
Just published "#XRP - taking the fast lane?". Everyone talking Bitcoin. But smart money started to flow into $XRP. — Tplus0 (@TplusZero) June 12, 2017

You have to know these about ripple wallet and secret key


It's possible to find out others' secret keys but it's so improbable that it's almost impossible. Make sure you have a good entropy source when generating your address/secret key.Use multi-sign
See the discussion here:

Woohoo! now a domain-verified ripple validator