[Life]RMS and Me

It's like a dream. "RMS will give a speech at Hong Kong Chinese University next monday!" I heard of this last friday. And today, I met my idol. Really like a dream. Never imagined that before.

I asked him whether he still supervise the development of Hurd/L4 and what his thought of Hurd's perspective is. He said he no longer supervise it and seems that he didn't even care about it's future. He said, "anyway we have a working operating system now." I think when he said these words, he must be very proud. It is him who started the free software campaign, and the followers will carry it on and on..........


Anonymous said…
Craig Morrison said…
Good article, judging by some of the more mainstream coverage I've been reading a lot of people don't seem to know much about Wikipedia's verification process. While anything can be written to a wiki article, sooner or later someone will fix it and eventually most articles reach a point where a lot of the facts in them are verified.

Contrary to many people's assumption that Wikipedia is complete anarchic and untrustworthy, the most developed articles on Wikipedia are full of hyperlinks citing credible sources and are probably at least as accurate as those in respected print encyclopedias.
Craig Morrison said…
Wrong post. I intended that comment for Economistical with the Truth.

Oh well, Stallman is definately interesting too :)
Zhang Le said…
thank you for your comment

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