Gentoo takes you a lot of time?

I saw someone expressed this concern about Gentoo in a Chinese Linux forum. His original word is "Gentoo and LFS are only suitable for those who have a lot of time and a good machine".

I replied him. Here are my main points:
Maybe inevitable at the beginning, especially for Chinese users. Lots of apps need to be tuned, configured.
But not necessarily afterwards, especially if the number of packages on your systme remains unchanged or fluctuates not so much.
Your time maybe wasted under probably only one situation, i.e. you need a software desperately, but you haven't installed it yet.
But if someone really often faces this situation, my suggestion to him is to choose something else, be it Debian or Arch.
Also, I expressed one of my speculations of the future: Software compiling speed and the complexity of software, which increases faster? I think it's the former. :) But will OOo be compiled in minutes someday in the future? I am not sure.


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