I talked to Redhatter on #gentoo-mips about Godson

Wikipedia article about Godson.

(zhllg) http://www.lemote.com/lmpc.wmv Linux running on China's Godson CPU
(zhllg) Godson's instruction set is compatible with MIPS
(redhatter) wmv?
* Redhatter points out that Microsoft don't produce a Linux version of Windows Media Player
(redhatter) s/don't/doesn't/ rather
(zhllg) however, we can play it with mplayer if win32codec USE flag is enabled.
(zhllg) btw, i just find that link somewhere else, i am not the publisher
(redhatter) we can play it with mplayer on x86 with win32codecs USE flag :-)
(redhatter) Those Godson machines _do_ look nice though... pity they're damn hard to get hold of outside of China.
(zhllg) i have a dream that one day Gentoo could have Godson support, haha
(redhatter) Indeed... although that won't happen unless one of us can get hold of one.
(zhllg) Maybe you have known this, http://en.wikinews.org/wiki/Yellow_Sheep_River_develops_%E2%82%AC123_Linux_based_computer
(redhatter) Indeed, those are the ones I have heard about.
(redhatter) If I see someone selling them in Brisbane, I'll certainly look into buying one. :-)


twistman said…
HI,我拿到盒子,我正尝试交叉编译gentoo,gentoo的stage不能直接安装。我在google gentoo mips时找到你这篇blog.
我成功编译了seti@home在跑,但是32位的性能 不好,现在希望能做到64位的gentoo。我的龙芯2E在boinc上的记录。http://setiathome.berkeley.edu/show_host_detail.php?hostid=3061809

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