I did some housekeeping work today, unmerged glitz.
I have disabled glitz USE flag for a long time. Don't know why it still exists today. Of course, I do --depclean regularly.
Then disaster happened as you may guess.
All the apps previously linked with glitz ceased to work.
So I have to resort to revdep-rebuild.
However, many program still failed to emerge, as "/usr/lib/" exists in many la files under /usr/lib.
Honestly, I still don't know exactly la files' functionality. But I guess it plays an important role in the linking process.
I used the following command to wipe out all the "/usr/lib/" string from la files under /usr/lib.
sudo find /usr/lib -name "*.la" | xargs sudo sed -i -e 's# /usr/lib/'
Not sure whether this is the right way to go, but it works here.


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