Non-dev could not assign bug to individual dev?

I have been translating GWN to Simplified Chinese with my teammates since May 2006. Originally, I sent translated GWN to gwn-feedback. Several weeks ago I started to send to neysx, because neysx will be my mentor.
At the beginning, I sent translated GWN via email. However, the attachment was lost several times. Then I began to use Neysx gave me a link.
I was supposed to use this link to assign bugs directly to neysx. I have tried it 3 times. Each time the assignee will be changed from neysx to docs-team. Like this one:
However, dev's seem never know this. This explains why words like "Whatever you do, you do it wrong" would come out.
Later, neysx verified this fact himself:
Then neysx said sorry to me.
Problem solved.


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