I was asked to analyze the usage of this "select.span" command.
However, I've no idea wtf the so-called span is.
What's worse, it seems that nobody else here could explain to me what it is.
I am a totally newbie in this area(I mean IVR), and I think it is known to everyone.
However, I did find some clue. I found normally those span should be initialized in the driver. Take capi20's driver as an example, BayonneSpan object is newed in Driver::startDriver(). But unfortunately, the synway's bayonne driver is not complete at this moment. The driver is in bayonne-nonfree package. In my opinion, the biggest problem now is this incomplete synway bayonne driver. If it is finished, many problems will not exist any longer.

PS: This "select" thing is discovered by me, when I analyzing "connect". In startDialing() which is called by scrConnect(), there is a call to getPointer() with a single parameter in the form "select.%s". Then I found the corresponding setPointer() should be in chkSelect().


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