ntfs-3g and fuse in Gentoo

* For this version of ntfs-3g to work properly, you need to use the
* kernel module included in the package, not the kernel version. To do this
* remove FUSE from your kernel, recompile it then remerge FUSE.
* emerge -a1 sys-fs/fuse
* You will need to reboot if you had FUSE in your kernel, if it was a module, this
* should be enough:
* modprobe -r fuse
* modprobe fuse
* If either of these commands have an error, you will need to reboot.
结果emerge ntfs-3g时就看到了上面的提示


Fai Wong said…
I got this problem since November, suddenly cannot mount my windows partition, I don't know the reason until I remerge ntfs-3g and search in the mailing list.
Now everything works fine!

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