loongson specific profile

If loongson finally were officially supported by gentoo, it must have
its own profile.
Currently, it uses cobalt's profile. Of course, one has to do some
dirty hacks to make it usable with loongson. For example, cheat
portage to make it think colo is already installed. Loongson box uses
pmon as bios and bootloader, doesn't use colo which is cobalt's
Recently, I have read PMS draft. For me, it is quite informative. I've
learned some internals about our package manager, specifically I've
learned something about profile which i don't know before.
Then I applied those knowledge into reality.
I created a loongson specific profile in loongson overlay and used it.
The main trick here is to write absolute path of parent directory into
PARENT file, instead of "..". And it turned out to work well.


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