[RFC]possible improvements to --with-sysroot

The following suggestion is based on my understanding of
--with-sysroot, if there were any error, please correct me.
To my understanding, currently if cross-compile tool chain (including
gcc) is configured with --with-sysroot when installing them, then when
cross compiling, ld will look for libraries in $SYSROOT/usr/lib and
Wouldn't it be great that we go one step further that we let ld look
for libraries in the dir listed in $SYSROOT/etc/ld.so.conf, if this
file ever exits? Of course for each entry in $SYSROOT/etc/ld.so.conf,
we prefix $SYSROOT to it.
Comments are welcomed.

Zhang Le, Robert

This is an email I have posted to gcc mailing list.


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