loongson patch against linux 2.6.21-rc5

Foxsen(Zhang Fuxin, 张福新) has released a patch against linux
2.6.21-rc5. I have tried it today. It works well so far.

My gentoo on loongson still have two minor problems, related to audio
and video playback respectively.
First of all, please be aware that none of these programs I used to
play audio and video has any loongson specific patch. loongson has
implemented its own multimedia instructions. So theoretically if
properly patched, the performance will be better.
On the audio side, audacious doesn't perform well when the frequency
is low, while mplayer works fine. Maybe it's because they use
difference libraries.
On the video side, when mplayer plays some mpeg2 or divx video, video
will fall behind audio, especially when the video's resolution is

Last but not least, I heard some devs talked about loongson's profile on
#gentoo-mips. It is widely accepted that it is not necessary to have a specific
profile for loongson. Well, I am not insisting that we should have
one, nor can I decide on this myself. I was, actually, just suggesting. I just thought it was a tradition to have a specific profile for
each sub-architecture, given that there are already such profiles in
tree. Now, it seems that I wrongly interpreted the facts. I think, as long as we can work out a solution to please everyone
(cobalt/loongson/...), it's OK.


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