Misunderstanding of free in free software

I bought a digital product magazine this afternoon.
It is called e-zone. It is issue 464, released on July 05 2007.
This magazine is the No.1 computer/digital product magazine in Hong Kong.
There is an article talked about GPLv3 in this issue.
However, they translate "free software foundation" as "免费软件基金会"(gratis software foundation).
This is an unacceptable mistake.
Free here means freedom, not gratis.
I've already send them an email.
I hope they can fix it immediately.


Anonymous said…
I had buy a e-zone last month.
a lot of advertise and windows information but no linux information
Rodrigo said…
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atma said…
Many people do these silly mistakes. It's a good thing that you took the time to write a mail.

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