Some progress on Loongson

The Qt-3.3.8-r4 linking problem is solved. The problem is caused by a bug in binutils which has already been fixed. I have already put an live ebuild for binutils in my loongson overlay.

Loongson already got binutils' support. Please check the links below:

Loongson's gcc support which is also developed by codesourcery is coming on the way, maybe in the next couple of month. Gcc is "in Stage 3 at the moment, which essentially amounts to regression fixes only, so the patches can't be committed yet". They will submit the patch to gcc when gcc comes to stage 1 again. In the meantime, we (some audacious guys from's forum) have made our own gcc patch, which is already available on my overlay. Honestly, I don't think our patch would be as elegant as codesourcery's. After all, they make a living by making such patches. But we can catch up some day, :)


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