Some updates (docs, loongson, as-needed)

1. Documentation get updates regularly as usual.;a=summary

2. Our table now can distinguish between file owner and file last updater when the file in question need to be updated. If the last updater is the owner, there will be an email link on the name; otherwise, there will be no link, but the name will be in red. The name is in the last column.

3. I will get my loongson 2f box soon, :-D

4. Just fixed an as-needed problem:


chithanh said…
Lemote is shipping 2F boxes already? I thought these were delayed due to hardware changes. Or will only a few privileged individuals receive a box?
Zhang Le said…
The box I will get is just sample product, model number 6002. It is different from those will be sold to general public, whose model number is 6003. It won't be long before 6003 is released, so please be patient, :)

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