EAPI 2: SRC_URI Arrows implementation in portage

Background: http://ciaranm.wordpress.com/2008/09/28/eapi-2-src_uri-arrows/

Today I found arrows in SRC_URI is not working in my box, so I took a look at the code, found something, and sent this:

However, as Zac pointed out, the better solution is not to define your own fetch and resume command but rely on the default one.

The default ones are defined in /etc/make.globals:
FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -t 5 -T 60 --passive-ftp -O \"\${DISTDIR}/\${FILE}\" \"\${URI}\""
RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -c -t 5 -T 60 --passive-ftp -O \"\${DISTDIR}/\${FILE}\" \"\${URI}\""
The rules of thumb is to make sure you save the file at ${DISTDIR}/${FILE}, since FILE is just the file name, doesn't include path.

Previously I have fetch and resume command defined in make.conf, and have used "-P ${DISTDIR}" instead of "-O ${DISTDIR}/${FILE}". Maybe portage should give warnings on this situation.

I encountered this problem when trying to install sopcast from gentoo china overlay.
Sopcast is a p2p stream TV software.
The latest ebuild uses arrows in SRC_URI, since its upstream doesn't include version in source tarball's file name. It is contributed by Hong Hao.


Anonymous said…
Talking about Sopcast ... can you try to ask them to publish a source code?
Zhang Le said…
I don't have connection with them, yet. :) AFAIK, there are no open sourced implementation of P2P stream video. So maybe they won't feel it necessary to open source it.

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