Ftrace is working now on my loongson box

So I confirmed that this MIPS ftrace support is really working. Thanks to Wu Zhangjin (吴章金). However, I have no interest in finding out what kind of difference between my loongson2f patch and wu's caused wu's ftrace patch does not work on top of my loongson 2f patch. What I would like to see now is to get loongson2f patch merged into mainline.

Plus, I wish I could make loongson linux to be able to use 4k page(Now, loongson could only use 16k page in order to avoid d-cache aliasing). I have already started working on it now. Even if it turns out that I can't, I could tell others what I have done in order to achieve this goal. And by that time, I would've got a much deeper understanding of Linux's memory management subsystem.


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