About the kernel of Loongson 2F machine

I just found that, it is actually very easy to trigger the problem that the -mfix-ls2f-kernel as option could fix. Like just emerging glibc could hang the system. So if you are using linux-loongson/2.6.30/stable branch from this git tree http://dev.lemote.com/git?p=rt4ls.git;a=summary, you maybe want to line 129 of arch/mips/Makefile:
$(call cc-option,-march=loongson2f,-march=r4600) $(call cc-optoin,-mtune=loongson2f)
$(call cc-option,-march=loongson2f,-march=r4600) $(call as-option,-Wa$(comma)-mfix-ls2f-kernel,)
Actually, $(call cc-optoin,-mtune=loongson2f) here is not required.

BTW, glibc-2.10.1 is ready in my overlay. This version could solve the gdb issue:
Error while reading shared library symbols:
find_new_threads_callback: cannot get thread info: generic error
find_new_threads_callback: cannot get thread info: generic error
This happened previously when debugging multithread applications.


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